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How It Works

Create Stunning Cover Art in Four Easy Steps

Step 1
Enter Your Song Details
Provide the title of your song. Optionally, add lyrics, a description, and any artwork ideas you have.
Step 1
Generate Artwork
Click the 'Generate' button and our AI will create three unique and visually appealing artwork options based on the information you provided.
Step 1
Choose Your Favorite
Browse through the generated cover arts and select the one that best fits your song.
Step 1
Download Your Cover Art
Once you've chosen your favorite cover art, simply download it and it's ready to use. If you're not satisfied, you can always generate a new set of options.


Empower Your Music with Beautiful Cover Art

AI-Powered Artwork Generation

Unleash your creativity without any design skills. Our AI turns your song title and lyrics into stunning, unique cover art.

Quick and Easy

No more back and forth with a designer. Get your cover art in minutes, not weeks. Save time to focus on your music.


More money for your music. Create as many cover arts as you need without breaking the bank.


Your music, your cover. Tweak and personalize your cover art until it's perfect.


Explore the Artistry

Get inspired by these unique, AI generated album covers.

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One Plan, Unlimited Possibilities

One-time payment. No hidden fees.

Standard Plan


Empower your music with unique, AI-generated album covers. One-time payment, lifetime access.

  • Create up to 9 unique album cover ideas, tailored to your song

  • Download 3 high-definition images of your choice

  • Easy to use, no design skills needed

  • Save time and effort on cover art creation

Frequently Asked Questions

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